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Architecture - a symbol of human civilization; 21st century - the century of steel structure. Along with the boom of architecture industry, new design concepts, new technologies, new materials, and new processes emerge one after another and their application becomes increasingly popular; Jinggong steel structure building industry has played an important role in propelling the swift growth of construction industry.

Jinggong Steel Structure, a national hi-tech public company (Stock Code. 600496) involving R&D, design, manufacture, sales, construction and consultancy of steel structure buildings, is the industrial development platform. It has six manufacturing bases in Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai, with an annual capacity of designing, manufacturing and installing 500,000-ton building steel structures, and producing 10-mln m2 plates of different types. In addition to Class I qualification for contract of steel structure construction, Special Class qualification for steel structure manufacture and Class A qualification for steel structure design, the company has also obtained Japan class-H steel structure manufacturing accreditation and Singapore national Class S-1 qualification for steel structure professional processing and installation, and the operation right of construction, design, consultation catering to foreign projects granted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

National Stadium(Birds Nest)-Main Arena of Olympic Game 2008

Beijing Capital International Airport No.3 Terminal Building A symbol building of World Expo Shanghai Sunshine Valley of World Expo Axis

As a frontrunner in the steel structure industry, Jinggong Steel Building has undertaken a number of influential key projects at home and abroad such as "Birds' Nest"of Olympic Game, world tallest building Shanghai World Finance Center, sea platform of Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, the world first cross-sea bridge, Shanghai World Expo Axis, some of which won "Lu Ban Award", "Zhan Tianyou Great Award", national "Jingang Award", etc., enjoying high reputation in the same trade at home and abroad.

Six Specialized Product Systems
1 Heavy steel structure architectural system
2 Space steel structure architectural system
3 Light steel structure architectural system
4 New building material system
5 Metal roofing system
6 Extra-light (LGS) steel integrated housing system

Six Industrial Bases

Zhejiang Base(Shaoxing)

Anhui Base(Liuan)

Center China Base(Wuhan)

South China Base(Foshan)

Beijing Base(Tongzhou)

Shanghai Base(Jiading)

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