Cradleland of the rice wine——Kuaiji Mountain

Kuaiji Mountain is the cradle land of China’s rice wine. It is located at Nan Town, one of Chinese five mountainous towns, and it ranks at the first place of the nine famous mountains in ancient China. The lofty Kuaiji Mountain cultivates Shaoxing rice wine and gives it fascinating imaginative space. The skillful brewage technique of Shaoxing wine, which carries on the old tradition, involves comprehensive fermentation engineering relating to microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Shaoxing rice wine, with high technological connotation, is a preeminent representative of China’s wine varieties unique in the world. It is the crystal of our predecessors’ labor and wisdom.

Already started production in the 8th year under the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1743 A.D.), Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. owns 260 years' experience in brewing Shaoxing wine, being the oldest wine brewer in Chinese history. The wine has rich nutrients, looks clear yellowish, smells fragrant and tastes mellow, being a sort of low-alcohol nutrient drink suitable for modern healthcare consumption.
Being a base for carrying forward National Non-physical Culture Heritage - Shaoxing Rice Wine Brewing Technique, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine company dedicates itself to offer consumers healthy and safe beverage, and strives not only to inherit the traditional brewing technique, but also to enrich Chinese rice wine culture by constant R&D and technical innovation. Its products bear the honors of Gold Medal of the Panama Pacific World Expo, China Famous Trademark, China Well-known Brand, China Century-old Brand and Products with National Geographical Indication Protection” (product origin). The products are well-received not only in China but also in thirty other countries and areas such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Europe, America, being reputed as "the crown of oriental wine".
"Hundred years wine"Offering sacrifice to our sage predecessor Da Yu
The first gold metal of Panama pacific International Expo in 1995 Museum of "Kuaiji Mountain" Shaoxing rice wine

National Non-physical Cultural heritage protection
—Brewage techniques of Shaoxing Rice Wine

The wide-spreading reputation of Shaoxing rice wine is attributed to its technical process features: firstly it has special water for brewage; secondly it adopts choice raw materials; and thirdly it applies unique brewage technique. The old brewage technique of Shaoxing rice wine could be traced to ancient China. Undergoing innovations generation by generation, the wine began to establish itself at the Song Dynasty, and became world-renowned at the later Ming Dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty. For constant perfecting, its brewage technique is said to have reached a high degree of proficiency.
Brewage Panorama 1.rice steaming 2.jar entry 3.harrowing 4.squeezing 5.frying 6.filling into jar and sealing
Squeeze of rice wine Aged rice wine storage Sterilizing and bottling production line

Shaoxing rice wine enjoys high fame in the world.
In Shaoxing, the hometown of Shaoxing rice wine, Kuaijishan enjoys highest popularity in people.
Kuaijishan, started as early as 1743, is the best-received Shaoxing rice wine in Shaoxing people.
"Shaoxing wine lists at first place with mellow taste, pleasant fragrance and clear color". Kuaijishan Shaoxing Rice Wine advocates nature and green, benefits your health and brings you joyful life with its traditional elaborate technique.

50 years aged collector's huadiao of Kuaijishan
Banquet liquor of 20 years aged 12-year-old Shaoxing Huadiao Wine
Kuaijishan Genuine Five-year Aged wine
Dijutang Jingdiao Rice Wine Shuixiang Guose----2008Classic

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