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Real estate industry has all kinds of connections with government policies, market changes and periodic fluctuation of economy. Jinggong Real Estate takes initiative to cope with all changes and is gradually establishing its industrial advantages in terms of market orientation, resource integration and brand management.

As an industry cultivated by the Group, Jinggong Realty benefits from the powerful industrial resource of the group company; it has blazed a trail suitable for its own features
in the aspects of real estate development, property investment, and marketing planning.
Recent years the industry sees active growth. It has invested in and built a group of excellent real estate projects in Zhejiang, Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, such as Shaoxing Jinggong Plaza, Huijin Inter-national Plaza and Union Market of the Textile City, Anhui Jinggong International Plaza, Shaoxing Lvzhu Shuimo Lanting, Zhenjiang Jinggong Qingyi Jiayuan, etc.
Actual view of Zhenjiang Jinggong Qingyi Jiayuan House Property
Actual view of Shaoxing Lvzhu Shuimo Lanting Residential Building Anhui Liuzhou Shoufu Project

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