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General aviation service is a sunrise industry appearing in the new century in our country and enjoys great support from the government; it therefore faces god-given opportunities and has tremendous development potential. Jinggong expects a new economic growth point from this industry.

Jinggong (Beijing) General Aviation Company and its subsidiary Shaanxi Jinggong General Aviation Company are two Category A general aviation companies approved by Civil Aviation Administration of China. Based on these two companies, Jinggong aviation industry exclusively owns Beijing Badaling Airport; and has set up two operation bases, i.e. Shaanxi Pucheng Neifu Airport and Hebei Huanghua Airport.


Main Base--Panoramic View of Badaling Airport Jinggong General Aviation Company Huanghua base openning ceremony Jinggong Flying Club activity

As a professional aviation service enterprise, Jinggong Aviation dedicates itself to operations, trainings, and maintenance in the filed of aviation, as well as safe-keeping of aircrafts. It has collected rich experience in remote sensing, aerial prospecting, control of plant diseases and insect pests, aerial photo shooting, air sightseeing, etc.

Recent years, Jinggong Aviation has, in cooperation with world- renowned aviation enterprises such as America Cirrus aircraft, Australia Gippsland, Germany flight design company, established a one-stop service platform, which integrates reassembly, sale, maintenance and training of the complete series products of the above companies; furthermore, it is building an overall service platform for purchase of second-hand executive aircrafts and operation management of such aircrafts. At present, Jinggong Aviation is trying to build domestically first-class international flight club - Jinggong Flying Chamber, and has initiated to organize a worldwide flight club league to offer flight-enthusiasts with fashion, noble and totally new flight experience.

While doing well in aviation services, Jinggong Aviation Industry takes an active part in sharing Shanghai Little Eagle Technology Company, Shanghai Sikorsky Aircraft Company, Shanghai Heli General Aviation Company; all of them are excellent ones in the fields of aviation manufacturing and services.

Beijing General Aviation Control Tower
Workers are assembling the equipment

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